The complex relationship between alpha-synuclein and the endolysosomal system in Parkinson’s disease

(Illustration made with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator  in my review on the relationship between the endolysosomal system and Parkinson's disease, full version here)

Supervision of students in the lab

B. Sc students: 4

My supervision consisted of transmitting technical and theoretical knowledge to the various trainees within the laboratory. I focused on explaining their project and objectives of the study. I provide guidance in following proper lab security, proper recording of the lab books and assistance in preparing for lab meetings (every Monday). I also helped in answering questions on all aspects of the science related to their work. I taught essential lab techniques and help understand the advantages of their application. I also supervise the student's defense presentation.

M. Sc students: 1

Additioned to the supervision realized to the B.Sc students, I also guided the mentored students to think deeply about their projects in order to start investigate other axis of their projects on their own.

Ph. D. students: 2

Online Mentoring (Apprentus)

Number of Mentorees: 5 

Private lesson given online. Preparation of specific online support (PDF, animated powerpoint). Help given to prepare for exams (B.Sc and M.Sc level). Help provided to understand complex scientific concepts.